2008 Richmond Blog Awards: The winners!

324 of you weighed in the crown the best bloggers of 2008. Find out who is victorious!

(See the list of nominees here.)

Let’s not waste anytime with a clever recap. I know what you all are here for. I’m pleased to present our winners (along with some lovely quips from our voters and yours truly).

Best New Blog

The Checkout Girl

I thought, “Oh Jack has this so wrapped up!” and then I read The Checkout Girl. Holy eff! I’m seriously considering canvassing all the upscale markets in town in an attempt to meet her. THE Best!

She’s only been at it for a little while but this sassy lady has definitely captured the hearts of Richmonders. AND I KNOW HER REAL NAME. Luckily my editorial integrity will keep me from sharing it. That and the fact that if she ever had to stop writing because her true identity got out, our lives would be a dark, dark place.

Best Kept Secret

10 South Boulevard

How can you not love accident coverage? I’m just wondering when a spot will open up in their pad, so I can move in. I could start the “Following Firetrucks” section.

This one pretty much blew everybody out of the water. Probably because of the hilariously captioned pictures.

Best Comment Thread

RVANews Richmond Mayoral Forums

Hiliarious. That is all.

We can’t really say much about this one without seeming arrogant. I’ll just say that we are AWESOME.

Post of the Year

NBC12 anchor Gene Cox pissed he didn’t make Style’s Power List from Tobacco Avenue


(I’m not sure what that means, but it made me giggle.)
I think we all can support any commentary on Gene Cox. And clearly you all do.

Best Blog

Tobacco Avenue

It’s funny. Even when it’s lame, it’s funny. Everyday. That’s a tall order.

I’m sure it was the Gene Cox post(s) that did it, but this guy managed to bring the funny all year. Examples: this, this, and, oh my goodness, this.

So there you have it, folks. Thanks to all who voted. 2008 was a great blogging year, and we can’t wait for what kind of ridiculousness pops up in the coming months.

To our winners: your prizes (other than all of that fame and glory) will be arriving in your inboxes shortly.

To the other nominees: at least the magic of the Internet saved you from having to put on your “I’m so happy they won” face*, right?

*That comment was TOTALLY stolen from an email conversation I had with Best Kept Secret nominee Kelly Stern. Yes, we email. We’re best friends now. JEALOUS?

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