Wall St. protests, Redskins lose a heart-breaker, Kindle makes a play at Apple, and murders mount in Richmond

I guess some people aren’t happy with the way Wall Street is running things (who KNEW!?!), the Cowboys give the Redskins their first loss of the season, and Amazon launches new Kindles to compete with Apple’s iPad, plus everything else that you need to know about the week that was.


The Occupy Wall Street protest entered its second week. The distributed, leaderless group opposes the amount of control corporations and the wealthy have over American politics (according to Wikipedia at least). The poop hit the fan when, earlier this week, a police officer maced one of the protesters.


September is turning out to be a very violent month for Richmond: seven homicides thus far. Of course, as I keep saying in these weekly updates, this is historically a very low number of homicides for Richmond. For example, there were 25 murders in April 1994–the high-water mark for violence in town. That’s almost a murder a day and nearly our current 2011 total.

Things are much better than they used to be. Read this if you don’t believe me.


Cowboys vs. Redskins! Monday Night Football! Six Field Goals! An offensive showdown, it was not. But man, how tough is it to be a Redskins fan these days? Supertough? Megatough?

After several quarters of reciprocal field goals, the Skins finally got things going with a powerhouse drive led by Richmond’s own Tim Hightower, from there things looked great! But it was not to be, Washington lost 18-16 on a Rex Grossman fumble. Maybe next time, guys.


Amazon unloaded a couple of big Kindle-related announcements on Wednesday. The two biggest: the Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s newest tablet, and it features a full-color, 7inch, 16:9 screen–all for $199.

Amazon Silk is what’s really interesting. It’s a new web browser that offloads all the messy and hard work of rending a webpage to “the cloud.” This should, theoretically, result in incredibly faster load times–especially on mobile devices. I know, web browsers = boring, but this could be a Big Deal.

photo by david_shankbone
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