St. John’s Church asking for donations to make repairs

Repairs include a new copper roof and external paint jobs.

St. John’s Church, the historic location which gave Church Hill it’s name, is in the process of repairing their roof, and they are seeking donations.

According to the project’s page, they are raising money to install a copper roof for both the Church and the Parish Hall. They also plan to re-paint the exteriors of both buildings.

The National Historic Landmarks Program makes mention of the church’s need for a new roof and a refurbished paint job. These changes were also suggested by the 2007 site-wide Historic Structures Report. 

According to the Associated Press:

Under its Legacy of Liberty Preservation Project, the St. John’s Church Foundation is working to raise $324,000 to make critical repairs to the national historic landmark.

According to the article, St. John’s was awarded a $100,000 “challenge grant”, meaning that the church must match the grant in donations in order to receive the initial sum. St. John’s has a year to match the $100,000 offered by the grant.

If you’re interested in donating to St. John’s, visit their Legacy of Liberty Preservation Project page and contact Executive Director Sarah Whiting at or 804-649-0263. You can also check out a full list of upcoming events and reenactments here.


Photo courtesy of: St. John’s Church Foundation

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