Shopping locally and handmade for Mothers Day

You got this.

Thanks to Erin McRoberts of Awl Snap and Christie Thompson of Campfire & Co. for their help with this list! Those two help run the Richmond Craft Mafia, whom we love and adore.

Oh the things that RVA produces! Here’s some meaningful stuff and thrilling experiences for Mom, all originating from right here in Richmond.

Things to have

Lifeware Pottery

Bowl: black and white -- $55

Bowl: black and white — $55

These mugs! These bowls! That adorable cobalt pitcher! Next time your mom pours you a hot cup of tea and sits down to listen to you cry about how some lowlife predictably broke your heart, you’ll be able to look at these gorgeous handmade pottery items and think, “Man, I sure do give some good gifts. Way to go, me.”

Bear Ceramics Jewelry

Chloe necklace -- $40

Chloe necklace — $40

A porcelain necklace? How very! Bear Ceramics’ pieces are not for people with heavy hands. So, like, don’t give them TO a bear, but do give them to your mother, who deserves something that’s delicate but makes a bold statement.

Garnett Jewelry’s Mama Bird Bracelet

Mama Bird bracelet -- $42

Mama Bird bracelet — $42

Take it from me, Garnett Jewelry is beautiful and made to last. Just like moms! I hope? This bracelet says “I’d even be willing to munch up food in my mouth and spit it into yours, because being a mother involves a whole lot of gross stuff that I don’t mind doing due to being a saint.” You can’t fit that all on a bracelet, though. (There’s also Mama Bear if your mom is more of a “growl fiercely at those who threaten my baby” type).

Colo/Palo’s One Year Wrap

One Year Wrap in Raw Silk -- $130

One Year Wrap in Raw Silk — $130

It’s called the “One Year Wrap” because you can wear it every single day in a different way and nobody will get tired of it, least of all you. Actually I don’t know why it’s called that, but it’s versatile and beautiful, and as someone prefers to be covered at all times, I am 100% for it. One in black for me please!

Maven Made Headache and Tension Oil

Headache and Tension Remedy -- $10

Headache and Tension Remedy — $10

I have it on good authority that this stuff works like a charm. And I also have it on the best authority that parenting can sometimes be a headache. Give this headache and tension oil (made from peppermint, lavender, basil, and grapeseed oil) as a way of saying “Sorry about 8th grade–it was a troubling time for me.”

Sit Pretty Art’s Richmond, VA Coloring Book

Richmond, VA Coloring Book, 8 x 10 -- $20

Richmond, VA Coloring Book, 8 x 10 — $20

She’ll open this one from Sir Pretty Art and give you a big, fat eyebrow raise. Here is what you will say, “Wait, listen, Mom, adult coloring books are so hot right now. And it’s because we all need to take a few minutes and just zen out. This is NOT because you told me I didn’t color within the lines, this is your own book to color however you want! You know, while you’re watching your Downton and drinking your tea! Stop looking at me like that! Mom. MOM!”

Little Black Sheep Studio’s Wall Hanging

Triple Golden Arrow Air Plant Wall Hanging -- $95

Triple Golden Arrow Air Plant Wall Hanging — $95

Why on earth didn’t I think of this before! Put an air plant in a wall hanging, right in its own little pocket, and go about your business! Pretty in two different ways, this wall hanging pairs natural fibers like cotton and wool with copper and, well, plant.

WORKSHOP Design Studio’s Plant Stand

Plant Stand ii -- $40

Plant Stand ii — $40

OK, air plants, some plants need actual soil or rocks or whatever. They can’t all just hang whimsically in their own wall hanging pocket. For those bigger beauties that just want to be held, here’s some simple but gorgeous plant stands that might have seriously just solved an actual problem in my house.

Jillian Rene’s Colorblock Pillow Covers

Spring colorblock pillow covers $65 - $120

Spring colorblock pillow covers $65 – $120

These feature Pantone’s hottest 2016 colors, if that’s something your mom’s into. That fact just makes me widen my eyes and nod my head like I pay attention to those things. But, if your mom’s house is like mine and filled with antique darkness, maybe it’s time you threw her one of these pillow covers. My I mean her mood is bound to improve.

No Brow’s Don’t Tell Me to Smile Pin

Don't Tell Me to Smile Enamel Pin -- $10

Don’t Tell Me to Smile Enamel Pin — $10

Back in my retail days, I never understood why it was so infuriating to be told to smile more by what felt like every male customer. Now as a wiser and even less smiley lady, it’s all so clear. I plan to buy this pin, wear it, and go pace back and forth in front of where that store used to be. This one is for the hip moms–the ones who do NOT like being told how to arrange their facial muscles.

Amanda Cowgill Designs’ Day Planner

Hustle Day Planner Notepad -- $14

Hustle Day Planner Notepad — $14

Can we have #realktalk about our mothers? Mine is simply unable to follow schedules or get important tasks done. She also prefers not to use a computer-like device to help her remember. Therefore, her house is littered with little notes to self that, frankly, do not work. Maybe if I got her one of these notepads, she’d be a little more focused. MOM, if you’re reading this, SORRY and I’ll totally get you that plant stand I know you’re eyeing.

Awl Snap’s Adelaide Crossbody

Adelaide Crossbody in Caramel Tan Leather and Suede -- $168

Adelaide Crossbody in Caramel Tan Leather and Suede — $168

True story! I was in the American Southwest last weekend, and a stranger traveled across a crowded room to…tell me she loved my bag! It’s an Awl Snap bag that is at the very top top intersection of functional and beautiful. Erin McRoberts recommends this one for Mom, because she’s earned the right to have a handbag not stuffed with snacks anymore. Just pack light, Mom, and let all your troubles go.

Things to Do

Basket and Bike Excursion

We’ve tried the Segway thing with our mom–it wasn’t quite a success. Baskets full of picnic food attached to a bicycle seems much more her thing. The Capital Trail has made this whole thing very possible and leisurely, so you and Mom can do these riverside bike excursions together, or she can grab some of her pals and do it up right.

VMFA Membership


Photo by Gamma Man

Don’t call it a cop-out–not at all. Have you met anybody who hates their VMFA membership? No! They get to just roll up to any of the museum’s traveling exhibits, they get free access to a whole lot other stuff, and they get to look down their noses and the uncultured swine that is the rest of us. It’s perfect!

Richmond Ballet Subscription


Photo by Sarah Ferguson

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the ballet here. I haven’t missed a ballet since I was like 15 months pregnant and couldn’t get off the couch long enough to go see the Nutcracker. Accordingly, that one miserably uncomfortable Christmas season is why all moms should get ballet subscriptions just as a matter of course.

Take her to Lewis Ginter’s Spring PlantFest

Because all moms–by some sort of decree that I don’t really understand–pretty much love a plant?

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