Richmond 2k7 Blog Awards

Hurray, another sophomoric popularity contest! But this one has prizes.

Or RVA2k7BA for short.

I’ll tell you what guys, if there is one thing I’ve learned from Style and Richmond Magazine it’s that handing out awards makes for easy articles. “Top 40 Under 40”, “Richmond’s Best/Worst”, “The Power List”, etc, etc. If you write for any sort of anything doing a “best of” piece is, like, your golden gun.

Earlier this year, after experiencing some displeasure with Richmond Magazine’s Best/Worst list, we (the Suze and I) decided to have our own Best and Worst Recount. Continuing in a similar vein, and for, perhaps, lack of better content, I bring you: the Richmond 2k7 Blog Awards.

Here are the categories:

Topical awards

Overall awards

So go! Vote! We’ll keep the voting up through the month of December and announce the winners come January. Also: award winners will get FANTASTIC PRIZES*.

Again, go vote, do it.

*Where prizes is defined as pretty neat RVANews stickers. Although if some cool business out there wanted to sponsor a category and give away gift certificates or something, that would be awesome!? If you are a cool business shoot me an email.

Update: here is a cool badge for all of the nominees to use.

RVA2k7BA Nominee

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