Project Runway Episode 10: They like it raw

The divas of the WWE serve the designers their unstoppable special move: incredible tackiness.

Do you see what I did there in the title? Raw. Like Raw as in the show produced by the WWE, who also provided the guest clients for this latest episode. Sometimes my talent astounds even me.

And once again, the models for this season were required to do absolutely nothing as the designers were instead asked to outfit the WWE Divas with a ring-ready costume.

After last week’s ho-hum challenge, I was pretty pleased with the demands put on the designers this week. Normally at this point in the season, the producers present tasks that require the contestants to do more conceptual pieces that show “who they are as designers.” However, this week’s challenge took it all the way to the other end of the spectrum and not only required the designers to move out of their comfort zones, but also forced them to think outside of the box.

chris.pngThat is, with the exception of Chris. Known for his costuming skills, this task was right up his alley. He seemed completely at ease dealing with his over-the-top client and ended up creating a criss-crossy extravaganza, complete with green leopard print and sparkly, black accents.

Christian held his own on this one, creating a scandalous leather-and-lace ensemble. After the Levi’s challenge, I was sure he’d scoff as the WWE Divas, but he ended up proclaiming this challenge his favorite of the competition and declared that his client was one of the fiercest people he had ever met. That’s about as good as it gets in his mind, kids.

jillian.pngJillian seemed to pull herself together from her rare bottom appearance of last week, creating a sassy electric blue number that perfectly complimented her client’s sporty persona. While I think she’s super-boring at times, this girl’s attention to detail is pretty amazing. The white stripes! The athletic-inspired knee socks! That’s the WWE’s version of perfection.

While Chris, Christian, and Jillian were riding high during this challenge, Rami, Ricky, Sweet P just couldn’t seem to get it together.

Rami was presented with the task of creating a “girl next door” outfit for his client and somehow he managed to bring draped jersey into the wrestling rink. While the garment (I guess you could call it a garment, maybe?) fit pretty well, but the color and asymmetrical ruffles showed once again that while he’s talented, Rami is going to do what Rami wants to do.

ricky.pngFresh off a win from last week, Ricky created what turned out to be little more than an ill-fitting orange swimsuit. He seemed to put little thought into his design, letting his confidence from his recent victory block out from his mind the 8,000 times he was previously in the bottom two.

Considerably lacking in the confidence department this week was our dear Sweet P who hummed and hawed for the entirety of the show. Her client apparently is “all about the robe” which basically means her schtick is to come into the ring and kinda show everyone her boobs in a dramatic fashion. While she ended up creating a decent bikini top/boy short combo, the final cape seemed to be an afterthought…and looked to be made of the same silvery material as a Slap Wrap I had in third grade.

The runway show left Chris, Christian, and Jillian in the top three. While I preferred Jillian’s ensemble to Chris and Christian’s dominatrix approaches, I think Chris deserved to get the win this week. And best of all, he seemed more surprised than anyone to get it.

Rami, Sweet P, and Ricky rounded out the bottom three. Rami was criticized for his choice of color, while Sweet P got schooled on letting the opportunity to make a real statement slip through her wishy-washy fingers. In the end, Ricky got the Auf, rightfully so considering how shoddy his work looked compared to the efforts of those in the top three spots.

And on to the real rundown:

Nonwinning winner:

Jillian did a great job this week. She seems to actually learn from her mistakes which is rare in this world of reality TV.

What we actually learned:

There is nothing more wonderful than watching Tim Gunn try to look dignified as he climbs into a wrestling ring.

Who I now love:

I was thoroughly impressed with Jillian’s focus this week. She knew she had something to prove and she did.

Who I now don’t love:

Seriously, Sweet P. By this point in the game, she should have a least some consistency.

Who to watch out for:

Christian seemed pissed that he has now lost to Ricky AND Chris. Hopefully the pressure of next week will cause him to release the ultimate fierceness.

Who’s next to go:

Tears seem to be headed Sweet P’s way once again. I think she’s going to crack and I’m having a hard time picturing her in the final three.

It looks like we’re losing two, count ’em two designers next week, finally letting us know who will be featured in Bryant Park. Speaking of fashion week, a little birdie told me that the guest judge for the finale is none other than Mrs. Victoria Beckham. Project Runway is all grows up! Until then…

Auf Wiedersehen!

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