PODCAST: What’s the Plan?—Ep. 2: School funding, featuring Garet Prior

Giles Harnsberger and Ross Catrow discuss what makes a city go. Special guest this week: Garet Prior.

Each month, Giles Harnsberger and Ross Catrow dive into the deep, deep waters of urban planning in Richmond. Take a minute to listen and learn a thing about how Richmond works. This is a “podcast”–you know, like Serial but with fewer murders and AWOL military personnel. Or, if it helps you understand better, like old timey radio shows with newfangley technology.

— ∮∮∮ —

In the second episode of What’s the Plan?, Giles and Ross welcome special guest Garet Prior of Richmond Forward to talk about funding for Richmond Public School facilities. Plus an update on the Maggie Walker plaza statue and a few corrections from last episode.

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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