Pints and Pint-sized: Mekong

You can’t mention beer in Richmond without mentioning Mekong.

You can’t mention beer in Richmond without mentioning Mekong, and, of course, its owner the constantly smiling and generous An. Over the years, the popularity of this restaurant on Broad has soared, and although the interior hasn’t been updated the food has maintained its solid if perhaps not ground breaking standing.

The menu is extensive, but I always find myself coming back to the claypot dishes, I love the claypot.

Pint score:

Bet you didn’t see that score coming, did ya? Mekong is a pioneer in the Richmond beer scene, and with 30+ taps it is hard to argue with the nearly constant best beer bar awards that rain down upon its head. There is one caveat: it’s always good to check the Mekong Facebook. Because at times there will be a tap take over, and if you don’t like that style of beer (like barrel aged sours) you’ll be forced to peruse the Old Testament-sized bottled list. Not a crime worthy of taking a star away but worth mentioning.

Pint-sized score:

On a typical night you’ll see plenty of families and perhaps it should get a higher score, but there are a couple minor nit picks I see with bringing your little one to Mekong. If there’s an event going such as a debut of a sought after beer, wake for a local musician, or one of the other many events that seem to pop-up, the place can be very crowded and conversation-killing loud. In those situations, depending on your child, it could be a blessing or a curse. The second quibble is that unless you’ve got an adventurous eater on your hands, of which I do not, the food options are somewhat limiting as there are no child menu items. We’ve recently discovered that dumplings are the bomb for our kid, so if you know the menu and the child you could easily add another star.


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