LISTEN: 17 minutes with Lakshmi Challa

An immigration lawyer for more than 20 years, Lakshmi Challa has become one of the areas top names for an area of law that is really involved in helping people change their lives.

Challa Law is an impressive place to walk into, and–if you need their services–you might find yourself battling some initial intimidation. Then, you’ll meet some people who work there and your fears will be allayed and everyone will be a lot closer towards getting the immigration results that they want.

It turns out that immigration law is a fascinating subject, and I could have listened to Lakshmi, the firm’s owner and a double-decade practicer of immigration law, go on about it for a whole lot longer than we had time for. As we speak in their board room, you’ll get a sense of how difficult it is for someone from another country attempting to live in ours, how complex it is to follow all of the changing legislation, and how important it is for this particular kind of law to be intensely service-based.

Oh, and Lakshmi also gave some illuminating insight into the 2016 presidential election.


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