In case you missed it: “Rotting power poles” in Whitcomb Court

Including a statement from a Dominion Spokesperson.

On Tuesday, WRIC reported that due to last week’s widespread thunderstorms, three rotting power polls located in Whitcomb Court had to be replaced.

This is a problem Dominion is all-too familiar with, and according to the coverage:

They say they do have a power pole inspection program, where every pole is visually inspected on an approximate 12-year-cycle to detect any decay.  

I spoke with Daisy Pridgen, a spokesperson for Dominion, who said that the area had been scheduled for repairs well before the storm.

“We had already identified that area in need of reconditioning,” she said in a phone interview.

This statement mirrors the words on Dominion’s official website. The following appears underneath the “Equipment Improvements” heading:

To keep our electric distribution system running reliably, we make targeted improvements to overhead and underground equipment – replacing, repairing, or bringing it up to new standards – so it’s more resistant to damage from storms, wildlife, and equipment failure.




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