Good Evening, RVA: The day after

We managed to publish a few things today, despite our extreme post-RVANews Live fatigue.

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It was a bleh day in RVA.

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Nate's bagels!

Things to eat

Food News gives you all the best news, and that news is about bagels this time. And rice. And food festivals.

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Greek flag

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Things to do

Many of the things to do this weekend are, in fact, food things. But some of them are chalk things! And some are musical things! And some are other things!

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And things to do for the entire month

Our monthly roundup of festivals is here, and it is…intense. At least the Vegetarian Festival brings up the rear so you’ve got some detoxing opportunities at the end of it all.

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Gold bars

Photo by: BullionVault

My History Teacher Is Running for Mayor, the New Book by Judy Blume

Judy, you may have that book table for free! While we wait for her to publish it, let’s read Chris Bolling’s firsthand account of having your history teacher run for mayor. He interviewed Chad Ingold and got a look at how he feels about the city.

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Richmond Folk Festival 2015

The Folk Festival will not be forgotten about!

Nay, we may talk about the Greek Festival all week, but the Folk Festival would like you to know that it is STILL HAPPENING this October. As such, the first round of performers has been released.

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Do not drink liquids while watching this

Man, sometimes SNL has still got it in a major way.

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