Good Evening, RVA: Spring Bada-Bing, things for teens, a new preschool, Instant Everything, and the new Buskey Cider

We’re living in our own private Idaho!

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It was a simply gorgeous day in RVA.

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I fear the crafter roundup twice a year, because it means I have to interact with a bunch of SUPER nice makers whose wares are frigging awesome, and it’s really hard not to buy everything. This year was no exception as we look forward to Spring Bada-Bing, TOMORROW. Someone get me a custom embroidered pet portrait, stat!

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Get the dang teens out of the house again this weekend–Chris Bolling has his picks of things to do

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This is exciting news for early childhood education fans. Presenting the Sprout School, an affordable, mixed-income preschool that’s a joint venture between YWCA and the Children’s Museum.

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In honor of Earth Month, Prabir Mehta’s new Instant Everything is all about our planet! Featuring Bruno Welsh, composting master…and also many jokes!

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Buskey cider


If you’ve spoken to me for five seconds, you know I love cider. I’ve basically stopped drinking anything else, so I’m very excited to have a new thing to drink. Sorry Blue Bee, I’m still prepared to love you, but Buskey Cider opens April 23rd and I am stoked about it. So is Annie Tobey, thank goodness! 

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Let’s end the week with one of the best songs ever

Beware of the pool, blue bottomless pool.

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