Good Evening, RVA: Rapturous sunbeams

Vitamin D-lightful!

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It was an ahhhhhhhhh day in RVA.

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Not YOU again

Hayley DeRoche touches on a really tough part of parenthood–when your child screams and reaches for another parent. Guys, the day my son started being excited that I was picking him up from school and not Daddy…it was a wonderful day indeed. Read about Hayley’s experience and feel feelings.

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Counting hash marks

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We’re coming baaaaaaaaack

The last Census showed that Richmond’s finally retopped where it was in 1980–City population shifts are fascinating. Housing, unfortunately, has not risen with the population. Mike MacKenzie breaks it down.

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Jack Daniels

Photo by: T. Kristensen

The cup game

Here’s Annie Tobey, always making me thirsty. This week’s In Your Cups also feature shifting data–the most popular liquors, to be precise. Also some grapey things to do on Memorial Day and, of course, a recipe for something delicious.

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Break away

Photo by: Khánh Hmoong

Hey, bro, wanna bike with me to an undisclosed location

Normally, those are words you should respond to with much wariness, but you’re safe with Breakaway RVA, the newest (and only?) free monthly social ride that ends in a mysterious fun thing to do! Every time I write words about this, I am more convinced that it is the antidote to every bad mood we stockpiled during the 2016 Rainy Season.

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This calms my brainwaves

And it might just do the same for you.

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