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It was a content-packed day in RVA.

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Sometimes it seems a lot easier to do it alone

And maybe it is! Hayley DeRoche wouldn’t know, she’s got her husband to help her parent. Sometimes it seems really difficult to keep communication smooth though. Hayley brings in Patrick for a rare interview!

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New places to eat

You’ll notice that there are no closings in Restaurant openings and closings in April 2016, and that’s by design. Well, sort of. No restaurants closed that I know of, so it was my design to report that factually. Anyway, spoiler alert, the FANcy Biscuit is good.

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Underground kitchen

Or eat underground (figuratively)

The Underground Kitchen is a locally based company that really did a great job scoring that name before someone else did. Anyway, they’ve got an event tomorrow and one on Sunday, and you should read more about why you might be interested.

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IMG_6137 hostel

Adults under 30!

Now is the time to apply for this travel scholarship, which sounds super dope. We were all legitimately annoyed that we were ineligible for this.

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“Alabama Slamma” not included

Annie Tobey’s got some accolades for various drinkmakers around town. Can I popularize “drinkmakers”? “Bartenders” doesn’t seem lofty enough and “mixologists” sounds ridiculous. All that aside, here’s Annie’s In Your Cups for this week.

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Dog in a veil

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You’ve made your budget, but now what?

I spoke to two of my very favorite wedding planners (guys, what if THEY got married? What a wedding!) and got some great tips on saving money for planning a wedding, just for you.

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Oh, come on

Thor makes a cake.

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