Good Evening, RVA: Living, drinking, mowing, and throwing

Today’s email involves a medieval reenactment, so look forward to that.

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It was an “I don’t want to talk about it” day in RVA.

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Bikes in Carytown

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The things your kids and their classmates might ask you

If they wanted to know what you do all day, that is! And think about it, your kids so rarely take an interest in your daytime life that it’s pretty dang cute to hear what they all wanted to know about Sam Davies.

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courthouse creek

Drinkin’ outta cups

Annie Tobey’s weekly “Don’t you wish you could just be somewhere drinking instead of doing your work, particularly because it is pouring down rain” column is back. Thanks for nothing, Annie!

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Horse mower

You’re like a mowing superhero!

We’ll call you “Mow Man” or “Grasswoman!” It fits you so well! Before you grab your trusty mower and go to town on the medians to help out the City–who’s faced with a lack of funding that’s preventing it from getting to this stuff right now–please read this.

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Look forward to a summer of free fun

I will follow Amanda Gibson wherever she leads. And today she leads me to a bunch of ideas for how to entertain my child in the summer and spend zero (or just about zero) dollars doing it.

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Make fun of me, no more, hideous beast from the future!


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