Good Evening, RVA: Grab your sandals and bug spray

Things to do, in a mandatory fashion.

Photo by: Joseph Dunn

It was a banner day in RVA.

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That rain dance you did sure backfired

But now we are free! Free of the tyranny of the wet earth! Let us skip joyfully into the weekend ahead, alongside our families. Or skip alone and let the family catch up when they feel like it. You can’t tell someone to skip; they’ve gotta want to skip on their own.

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Speed Take a Second Look

Pop quiz, hot shot

Turns out I had a lot of things to say about the new Speed exhibit at the Science Museum, outrunning alligators, and sporty dads. Might you be interested in reading about it? You better! Because you’re going there whether you like it or not!

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Natalie Prass

Why don’t you believe in me, Natalie?

JK, I’m sure she probably believes in me, somewhere in her heart. But you should listen to that song, and then our interview, and then the entire album before you see Natalie Prass at Friday Cheers this week.

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File May 25, 3 57 55 PM

Are we on a highway to the Zika danger zone?

We put together a bunch of information about Zika and how much it sucks…but is preventable! Read all about it and remember that the title is a Seinfeld reference, which is why the photo has Seinfeld upon it–please don’t assume that Jerry Seinfeld has Zika, we have no reason to believe that is true.

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This is less of a funny link than it is an empowering one

But kids, guys! Pretty inspiring!

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