Good Evening, RVA: Corner stores, things to do, things to eat, and something to watch

Nothing compares 2 U!

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It was a bummer of a day in RVA.

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9 Mile Road Convenient, 4917 9 Mile Road

A super complex role in a neighborhood

The humble corner store is often the single provider of food for a household–whereas in other neighborhoods, it’s the place to get high end products. Either way it’s all really interesting.

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Speaking of food…

There’s a lot of news about it. Many things to try, to celebrate, to dip in coffee.

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RVA street art fest

And speaking of things…

There are five of them (actually it’s more like a billion, because ol’ Interfering Rachel Marsh remains unable to limit herself to just five–the girl wants you to pack your weekend full, dammit!).

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And speaking of limits…

Venus in Fur has none! It’s a thing you should go do, and you should probably not take your tiny child, IF you know what I mean.

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And speaking of children…

Today is Fashion Revolution Day! Be a solution and help people (including many many children) have healthy, safe lives.

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There is nothing funny about today

RIP Prince.

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