Freeman ‘Rebel Man’ mascot debate covered by the Washington Post

A passionate debate is given national attention as students petition Freeman High School to reinstate their school’s original mascot.

A petition started by students at Freeman High School seeking to bring back the school’s original mascot, the ‘Rebel Man,’ is now receiving national attention. The Washington Post covered the controversy Sunday and has already elicited passionate responses from both sides of the debate.

Some students say that the Rebel Man, which was retired many years ago as a mascot (while remaining the school’s team name) is part of the school’s heritage and in no way tied to the Confederacy–or slavery. Detractors, however, cry foul.

Where do you stand on the debate? Is the Rebel Man a harmless mascot, or do you find its use offensive and indicative of a darker time in our nation’s history? Read the full article here and then sound off in the comments.

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