Food News: Many more doughnuts, sandwiches, and grilled cheeses

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Sugar Shack just got new doughnut wheels in the form of a very large food truck. According to Sugar Shack owner Ian Kelley, the truck allows the shack to offer gluten-free doughnuts, so you can expect to find the SS Donut Truck parked right outside of existing locations doing just that. Kelley explains that, though the truck isn’t specifically allergen-free, offering gluten-free doughnuts from the truck is the safest way to go g/f without closing down the shops themselves.

As the focus of the truck will be on offering doughnuts sans gluten, you won’t find the doughnut-mobile popping up with the other food trucks; but Kelley says they’ve already booked several weddings, corporate events, and even a Nurses Appreciation Day at Johnston Willis hospital. (I’m hoping this is a free doughnut party for anyone who appreciates nurses! Because I totally do!)

Want to throw a Doughnut Appreciation Day of your very own? Kelley says the best way to do that is to email And, you can follow their every move on Twitter at @SSDonutTruck. Let the stalking begin!


The King of Pops proves himself a versatile king indeed with the launch of the Reign, a sandwich spot in the very same Scott’s Addition location that produces our beloved pops. The selections are clever indeed, including “The Ham Jam” and “The Chive Turkey.” So if for some odd reason, popsicles on a sunny patio weren’t already your thing, add to that scenario a line-up of sovereign sandwiches available seven days a week and then just try to stay away; I dare you.


Get your sips at the Short Pump Whole Foods’ new brew pub, which opened last week. The in-store pub offers 48 taps and chefs’ specials to help you soak them up. Flights of both beer and kombucha are available, and lunch and dinner will be served daily. So, when the stress of shopping in Short Pump starts to take its toll, saddle up to its newest brew pub and (responsibly) drink you cares away. WARNING: Don’t shop intoxicated at Whole Foods. That’s got “spendapalooza” written all over it.


Satisfy your love of Hollister Lindley and your hatred of ALS at Belle and James every Tuesday this month, when guest bartenders will sling fancy drinks and then sling the proceeds over to the ALS Assocation…because drinking for a good cause quenches at least two thirsts.




With this information, I strongly hope that someone will make their own version of Vienetta and then page me. On my pager. Because this is the 90s, when Vienetta was the rightful king of cakes and pagers were the preferred means of contact.

What we’re talking about when we’re talking about Soul Food.

Not all bubbly waters are created equal.


I am beyond thrilled that we scored Annie Tobey’s knowledgeable brain for our beverage writing needs because, lord knows, I can’t do it. If it’s not bubbly water, rosé, or full-fat cow’s milk, I am the wrong person to ask. (But please, ask me about milk. I have a Napoleon Dynamite-esque appreciation of the stuff! MILK IS SO GOOD!) Fortunately for all of us, Annie Tobey is exactly the right person to ask, and you can follow her beverage news on this very website from now on.


According to the people who decide these things, April is National Grilled Cheese month (a quick internet search reveals it’s also Irritable Bowel Syndrome month, so do with that what you will…) Here are my top three picks for your getting grilled cheese fix if you’re not the DIY type:

  • Family Meal–Chef Travis Milton announced via Facebook that Family Meal will celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with a different grilled cheese each week. According to Milton, this week’s selection is a “French Onion Grilled Cheese with Beef Fat Caramelized Onions simmered in Veal Stock and Sherry, Gruyere and Swiss, on Garlic Herb Sourdough.” Damn, Gina.
  • Home Sweet Home–They specialize in this exact sandwich, so if you haven’t tried out HSH yet, now is the perfect opportunity. Their River City grilled cheese includes pimento cheese, dill pickles, and shaved Edwards Country ham on white bread. Optional Beer Pairing: PBR.
  • The Reign–Their “best grilled cheese” is a buncha gouda, cheddar, and Monterey jack, and oh yeah, butter. I’ll let you judge its supremacy for yourself.


Perhaps the best Instagram account of all time.

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