Eight Track victors! They are victorious!

Ok Ok Ok! So you want to know the winners? DO YOU?

Download this Eight Track!

This Eight Track has finished. The seasons have changed, and dear Eight Track has moved its feeding grounds to different pastures. Fortunately, in its wake is left a grand success – 16 wonderful artists, a small peek into a vibrant music community, the glorious potential for more, and, most importantly, a fully-downloadable Richmond mixed tape featuring the winners – that is, the top eight scorers in the competition. (If you would like to know how things were scored you can ask me and I will prattle on about the BCS – its pros and cons and how I wish there were a college football playoff. Then you will realize that you didn’t mean to make such a time commitment but you will be intrigued by the cleverness and resourcefulness of the RVANews magicians – using the BCS system to score The Eight Track and all.)

Ok Ok Ok! So you want to know the winners? I’m tired of writing blurbs so I refuse to blurbasize all those who won..REFUSE! I will however, in the straightforward and trusty manner that RVANews has become famous for, tell them to you and you can cheer and applaud and crack open some beers on your own accord.

The hard fought challenge has ended, the battle has concluded, and rising out of the ashes of war and into the halls of glory are….

  1. Hot lava
  2. Fight the Big Bull
  3. Supa Fly Floosies
  4. Brian Jones
  5. Coald Toast
  6. ILAD
  7. J Seger
  8. The Great White Jenkins

What a cast of characters we have over here in Richmond! What a racket – such a not big city with so much sweetness.

I will tell you two things that are going to happen that will make you more happy than slowly realizing our cities burgeoning superiority. One, the Eight track will continue. The next installment will be this summer, and since we have become seasoned vets it will def have more clever blurbs, more wonderful new songs, and an over all tightness that will increase your quality of living tenfold.

Second, there will be a show of the top four or so eight track winners. I say “or so” because I have been irresponsible and have not gotten “around” to asking them all if they would like to participate. ANYHOW, in the middle of May when you are suffering from Eight Track withdrawal, RVANews will intervene and invite you to a wonderful, wonderful musical event that will showcase the talent that you have witnessed displayed on your monitor.

The Eight Track saunters off into the the dusk. Its horns and hooves clanging about as it zigs and zags its way to and fro. Richmond is a guerilla city. We need things like this. We fight with sticks and stones, hide behind rocks, and win using clever tricks. The Eight Track is certainly a clever trick, and although I don’t know that is has facilitated any major victories, perhaps it has helped – and even if it hasn’t done that, it has been fun.

***Please do not limit your enjoyment of this material to your digital device of choice. If you do these musicians will move on – literally – there will be no reason for them to stay here. Live music attendance is a grand tradition that is older than John McCain…barely….and although some of the conveniences of our culture are absolutely fantastic, some of them have slowly eroded away the joy and sense of community that a vibrant interactive music community can bring to a city. WHOA!!! SOAPBOX!! Sorry about that – just keep it in mind when you want to feel guilty about something.

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Matthew E. White

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  2. It’s not if you win or lose it’s how you play the game

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