Eight Track: first four songs now up for voting

The Eight Track is here. Now you must vote. If you don’t vote at least 50 times per hour, this website will explode. Dennis Hopper is watching.

The Eight Track lives! After weeks of hard work the first four songs are up for you to exalt or disparage. Before you click on that link (oh god, I hope it isn’t too late) you may want to take a minute to prepare yourself — internally. The quality of Richmond music, music local to you, is about to crash over you in wave after relentless wave of blissful ear-pleasure. It’s going to be messy. You might want to bring a towel.

Moving on, this week brings us the musical stylings of:

Aww! The first four Eight Track participants ever. Someone take a picture.
CHANGING GEARS. Listen up sheeple! This is a contest. You know, one that you should want to win? I had better see some serious trash talking and at least three mom jokes. Or better yet some dad jokes — it is that serious. Maybe y’all are a bunch of little girls*. Is that it?

Get to voting, and don’t stop. Ever.

*No offense to Erin Tobey, or just about any girl I know, who can kick my ass.

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Ross Catrow

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