Continental Divide; 2016 Spring Restaurant Week

Menu and contact information for the 2016 Spring Restaurant Week.

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Course one

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  • Red Hot Blues (personal)
  • Chicken lime tortilla stew
  • Jimmies nachos — With lump crab, tomatillo pico de gallo, chips, queso, old bay crema

Course two

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  • Seared scallop tostada — With tajin lime seasoned scallops finished with chipotle-anejo brown butter over a crispy corn tortilla and sautéed Brussels and bacon slaw
  • Chori pollo — With grilled marinated chicken breast broiled with homemade chorizo and jack cheese, topped with queso and scallions, served over roasted potatoes and black beans
  • Vegetarian chile rellenos — With roasted bell peppers stuffed with a mix of spanish rice, corn, black beans, roasted golden beets, portabellas, onions, and fire roasted tomato salsa. Baked w/ jack cheese and finished with cilantro pesto, served with an avocado salad

Course three

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  • Margarita Sorbet — Lemon and lime tequila sorbet w/ candied lime zest
  • Tres Leches Cake — Traditional mexican dessert, finished with anejo salted caramel sauce and powdered sugar
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