Blog awards: Editor’s addendum

First, here is a sweet badge for all of the winners to put on their websites. Congratulations winners. Second, I wanted to give my editor’s picks to those blogs that the people didn’t see fit to vote for. If only the RVA2kBA’s had an electoral college. Lesson learned: never trust your citizenry. Best political blog […]

rva2k7b1-winner-badge.jpgFirst, here is a sweet badge for all of the winners to put on their websites. Congratulations winners.

Second, I wanted to give my editor’s picks to those blogs that the people didn’t see fit to vote for. If only the RVA2kBA’s had an electoral college. Lesson learned: never trust your citizenry.

  • Best political blogBacon’s Rebellion. The days between posts which do not shine with quality craftsmanship stretch far — like a vast desert. That is to say The Rebellion is replete with excellent content on a regular basis.
  • Best business blogJake Lyell Photography. Let’s face it. Did you trot the globe revealing the dark and terrible nature of the Third World? I don’t think so.
  • Best kept secretbabylust. Such a painfully honest and well written blog should either be hidden away from the prying and unwashed eyes of the masses or lifted up high, like a shining star!, for everyone to see.

Third, some of y’all left wonderful comments on the survey. They are reproduced below in full color.

  • John Sarvay has proven himself as a great writer, an intellect and a humorist. I think that sums up the people of Northside pretty well. Rock on.”
  • dunno, I like the setup! Bringin South Side back! Holla!”
  • I despise The Ward View.” — Whoa, keeping it honest Anonymous Commenter!
  • I feel like I know Valerie like a best friend. I think if I saw her in Ukrop’s, I’d be compelled to ask how Ross’s birthday was. Does she have a clue who I am? No.” — This makes me feel weird, on the inside.
  • Gotta say Dooce is it for me” — We all aspire to her don’t we?
  • Too bad he never posts though. I want to NOT vote for Awkward on the a-blog-with-no-new-posts-is-a-crappy-blog principle, but it really is the funniest.” — If we all email Justin maybe he’ll post more? Maybe we should start an internet petition!
  • I’ve saved a lot of time and money, not to mention credibility, thanks to Susan’s movie reviews.”
  • who doesn’t love grape soda?!?!”
  • How can ATISTG be blog of the year? Is it because he updates it annually? ZING.”
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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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  1. “I think that sums up the people of Northside pretty well.” That hurts.

  2. Yesterday I looked out the window when I heard a bunch of shrieks of laughter, and above my (Northside) fence, I saw the tops of maybe twenty giant green helium balloons bobbing around in the (Northside) alley. I don’t know what this has to do with anything, except that maybe the people of Northside were having a gathering of great writers, intellects, and humorists, and that they were having it directly outside my back gate without inviting me, which would make them also easily summed up by the word “cruel.”

  3. Maybe some of those mean-spirited Northside kids had tied small kittens to those giant balloons and were trying to airlift them to China or Korea for use in a restaurant! Also easily summed up by the world “cruel.”

  4. Ross: Um, why do I think you are trying to tell me something?

    I’m just writing to let you know that I agree with you that my blog, Save Richmond, should not have won Best Political Blog… if for no other reason than I’m not able to update daily and, sometimes, even weekly because of my work schedule.

    But I hope you will consider the following:

    a.) I never asked to be nominated.

    b.) I never asked a single person, reader, relative, friend, enemy to vote for Save Richmond either publicly or privately. And I did not vote for myself.

    c.) I did not agree with the nominations for this and some of the other categories. While the folks who were nominated alongside SR for BPB were most worthy — some far worthier— the nominating committee left out some superior political blogs, including River City Rapids and (yes) Buttermilk & Molasses (I’d also throw in Paul Goldman’s NBC-12 blog in there, for as long as it lasted). The choices, at least in this particular category, were not a totally fair representation. So who arrived at these nominations and what was the criteria, Mr. Catrow — IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME??

    d.) Unlike the illustrious Jim Bacon, I don’t have multiple writers co-blogging with me. It’s a wee bit easier to blog every day when you have a staff of bloggers at the ready. Since I write for a living and am frequently called out of town, I don’t always have the opportunity to update SR every day because I’m usually working on something else. I’m still looking for a major corporate sponsor, btw, so that all that can change (cue rimshot).

    e.) Unlike Bacon’s Rebellion, which I enjoy reading but find strangely selective in its subject matter (at least when it comes to covering the Richmond region), I, and other nominees and non-nominees, blog exclusively about Richmond. BR does not. Put another way: If you were to add up the total Richmond-centric posts found at Bacon’s Rebellion and match them with Save Richmond’s output, irregular as it is, you’d find we’ve posted about Richmond way more often and on more subjects. For what that is worth (not much, I know).

    f.) Who cares about awards? Let’s dance…

    g.) Congrats to ALL the winners, and thanks to everyone who voted for Save Richmond and/or participated. It’s an honor to even be considered. I only hope the local political folk who voted for SR are reading the other blogs out there too — there’s some great stuff to be found on these vast series of tubes.

  5. Don, you could have written another great post at Save Richmond in the time it took you to write your essay here! I think Ross was just saying there were 3 other blogs he really thought rocked, in addition to the winners.

  6. John: I know! Aren’t comments GREAT????

  7. PS: I love Ross. I rarely get to rib him AND agree with him at the same time.

  8. Look, everybody, it’s QUALITY over QUANTITY with posting. Obviously.

  9. While we’re quibbling… I’d like question the inclusion of RVA News as “best kept secret” (or as a “blog” for that matter). Full disclosure: This was the only category I had any hope of winning. Additionally, I think it might be important for future awards to stipulate the beginning/end of the blogging year. I was sure that “My Fight With Piccola’s Owner” got in just under the wire for consideration by the Academy. But… well, sour grapes go pretty well with cold pizza.

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