This week’s theater openings

Theater season is in full swing!

See How They Run

  • Swift Crek Mill Theatre • 17401 Jefferson Davis Highway
  • September 18th – October 25th
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Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English civarage are an American actor and actress, a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, an old maid who “touches alcohol for the first time in her life,” four men in clerical garb one of whom is an escaped prisoner, and a sedate bishop aghast at all these goings-on. You’ll laugh till it hurts.

Wait Until Dark

  • Firehouse Theatre • 1609 W. Broad Street
  • September 18th – October 18th
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An apartment in 1970’s Greenwich Village becomes the site of theatre’s most terrifying game of cat and mouse. Desperate to reclaim a mysterious doll stuffed with illegal drugs, a con man lays a trap to ensnare a blind woman. With the help of his criminal cohorts and a few clever disguises, he spins a tale to fool the innocent and unsuspecting woman. But when the doll can’t be found, the situation spirals out of control. From the author of Dial “M” for Murder, Wait Until Dark proves that what you can’t see can most definitely hurt you.

Design for Living

  • Richmond Triangle Players • 1300 Altamont Avenue
  • September 24th – October 18th
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Three bohemian artists grapple with the pleasures and challenges of a ménage à trois lifestyle in this sophisticated and innovative comedy that scandalized two continents when it premiered! Gilda loves Otto, and it’s entirely mutual. But Gilda is rather fond of Leo as well. Leo adores Gilda – but come to think of it, Leo and Otto have a bit of history, too. So which of them will pair off, and who’ll be left out in the cold? Well, why should they have to? What’s that all-too-common comment on relationships: “It’s complicated?” This one just happens to be rather more complicated than most! A classic comedy where the morality is in the eye of the beholder.


  • Henley Street / Richmond Shakespeare & Virginia Rep • 114 W. Broad Street
  • September 26th – October 19th
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It is 1606, and Shakespeare has been commanded to write a propaganda play about the Gunpowder Plot, in service to King James. Will he agree to be a pawn in the cynical gamesmanship of the king’s spymaster, or will he equivocate–lie by telling the truth?
The playwright, his acting company, and a variety of historical figures clash in this high-stakes political thriller about the complexities of the truth and the terrible consequences of compromise.

“One of the most bracingly intelligent, sizzlingly theatrical American plays in a decade.” Variety

Suggested for ages 16 and up. Adult language, some violence.

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