Shop Class RVA makes learning fun

From food to skulls, these free events wade into RVA’s creative pool.

Several of RVA’s creative thinkers, doers, and all-around curious people will take part in three sessions spanning creative boundaries this month during the Shop Class Summer Sprint put on by i.e.*

“Shop Class began in 2011 as ‘the events we wished existed’ but couldn’t find in RVA,” said Lauren Boynton, co-organizer1 of the Shop Class series. “It was chance to meet and showcase the creative talent of the so-called ‘new RVA,’ feature their work, and experience their point of view.”

One of the founders of Shop Class, John Sarvay, said the free sessions are designed to meld creative theory and practice.

“We really wanted to create a space where the wall between a creative talent and the audience was removed, where people came together to learn and do in a collaborative, hands-on way,” Sarvay said.

He’s personally excited about this month’s first session with chef Ellie Basch and gardner Amy Hicks. “Participants are supposed to bring a few locally sourced produce items, and in a nod to the old Iron Chef cooking show, Ellie will create several dishes in the moment from whatever people bring. She and Amy will engage the audience in some dialogue about local food, varietal produce, and cooking,” he said. “And we’ll all eat.”

This month’s Shop Class sessions will be held at the Marvin Lang Building at 1623 W. Broad Street, except the RVA Graphic Project session, which will be held at Studio Two Three at 1617 W. Main Street.

Sessions are free and open to the public. However advanced registration is required.

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From Farm to Table to Thesaurus featuring Ellie Basch and Amy Hicks

Thursday, August 7th • 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Attendees will bring in one locally grown fruit or vegetable that Ellie Basch (Everyday Gourmet) will use to create an impromptu menu. Gardener Amy Hicks (Amy’s Garden) will also discuss the fruits and vegetables: how they’re grown, varieties, etc.

The RVA Graphic Project featuring Carrie Walters and Studio Two Three

Wednesday, August 13th • 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Graphic designer Carrie Walters (Carrie, Ink) will design random images representing Richmond. Attendees will then create their own RVA T-shirts with a tutorial on screen printing2 at Studio Two Three.

The Skulls of Human Kindness featuring Patience Salgado and Noah Scalin

Tuesday, August 26th • 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Artist Noah Scalin (Skull-A-Day project) will team up with Patience Salgado (Light of Human Kindness) to showcase how creativity and compassion intertwine.

  1. Along with John Sarvay, Ansel Olson, Peter Fraser, Lauren Stewart, and Caroline Moyer. 
  2. Attendees should bring their own 100% cotton T-shirt. 
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Nathan Cushing

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