RVANews Live #002: Your Favorite Things

The in-person version of your favorite site (assuming that your favorite site is this one) returns on Wednesday, March 4th to discuss food, music, and movies. Here’s who’s involved and some gentle encouragement to buy tix!

The verdict is in: your favorite topics in the past few months have been AS FOLLOWS:

  • Food!
  • Music!
  • Movies!

We imagine that this is because it’s frigging cold and we all want to be entertained and fed. We hear you, and we know there are also larger questions and answers around all three of these topics. Thought-provoking answers! And crazy-cool questions! Listen to some experts and talk about these things, all while at one neat event!

The details:

  • We will re-gather at Gather on March 4th.
  • Doors open at 6:00 PM, the program starts at 6:30 PM. Sharp!
  • Price of admission, just $20, includes one drink ticket and much inspiration and maybe even some laughs.

Buy your tickets now!

— ∮∮∮ —

This time around, we will be discussing:

The Food Situation

Stephanie Ganz will be heading up our food panel, which will involve folks from the restaurant world, the advocacy world, and the agriculture world. Questions could include, but maybe won’t, because we like to keep you guessing: What’s it like being part of a dining scene that’s so sharply on the up-and-up? How does that relate to the city’s hunger problem? Why is everything so dang fatty?

The Business of Being a Musician

With indie record labels producing nationally beloved albums and hip-hop artists generating huge followings, Richmond musicians seem to be ready to push music into the forefront of every RVA conversation, just like the good old days. Marc Cheatham will moderate this panel, and you, like us, will be hooked on his every word.

Tinsel Town, Virginia

Virginia’s relationship with the film industry is growing and evolving like a…a Jurassic Park dinosaur. Only new and interesting! I, Susan, will be leading and maybe screwing up this panel of Virginia filmmakers and the people who help them–and filmmakers from elsewhere–immortalize our fair state on the screen.

Here’s that ticket link again!

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Susan Howson

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