PODCAST: Sam and Ross like having gotten a haircut, Miller High Life

Publisher Ross Catrow and RVANews contributor Sam Davies do a podcast together, where they talk about stuff they like.

Every couple of weeks myself and Sam Davies, who you may know from his fortnightly work on Raising Richmond, get together to record an episode of Sam and Ross Like Things. This is a “podcast”–you know, like Serial but with fewer murders and AWOL military personnel. Or, if it helps you understand better, like old timey radio shows with newfangley technology.

In this particular show, I ask Sam about a thing he likes and Sam asks me about a thing I like. We talk pleasantly about these things, what they are, and why we like them for about 20 minutes–which, I may say, is the perfect length of time for many Richmond commutes!

This episode, which is the 10th, Sam talks about the feeling after having gotten a haircut (specifically at High Point Barbershop), and I gush effusively about Miller High Life. I may also be actually gushing Miller High Life from my pores, but you’ll never be able to tell, because you can’t see me.

If you enjoy what you hear, hit up the back catalogue while you wait for us to record episode 11! Or go ahead and subscribe already!


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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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