Brian Jones – two nights, five sets

Brian Jones is one of the most prolific and original musicians in Richmond, VA. This week, he played five sets with two different bands.

Drummer and composer Brian Jones is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and orignal musicians in Richmond, VA. Tuesday and Wednesday, two of his groups took the stage to perform five different sets.

Tuesday night, The Brian Jones Quartet performed original compositions and improvisations to classic episodes of Tom and Jerry. A younger crowd enjoyed the 7pm set while a nostalgic crowd enjoyed the 9pm set. All music aside, the Tom and Jerry cartoons are timeless and enjoyable for all ages. The addition of live music by Jones, Reggie Pace, Marcus Tenney and Randall Pharr is an incredible and unique experience.

Click for Tom and Jerry youtube videos.

Trombonist Reggie Pace was particularly inspiring. His wide palette of effects and sounds effectively emulated the full orchestra that recorded the original Tom and Jerry music. Despite this responsibility, he constantly found ways to manipulate the mood of the room alongside the other three musicians.

The quartet closed the night by playing tunes to old short films.

Wednesday night, the Brian Jones Wurlitzer Trio played two exhilerating sets at Balliceaux. Joined by Daniel Clarke (wurlitzer) and Randall Pharr (bass), the trio performed music exclusively from their two records A.M. Thrift and Drug Piano. Seeing Clarke was a rare treat as he is usually on tour with Mandy Moore or K.D. Lang. The bottom line, the rhythms eminating from the stage were brilliant and infectious .

Listen The Brian Jones Wurlitzer Trio:
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[audio: |titles=unknown|artists=Brian Jones Wurlitzer Trio]
[audio: |titles=unknown|artists=Brian Jones Wurlitzer Trio]
[audio: |titles=unknown|artists=Brian Jones Wurlitzer Trio]

Main image by Lauren Serpa.

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