5 Things: So many good causes, some tattoos, some drinks, some snacks, some music

Weekend, you’re so very Richmond!

The Beekeepers, 1568, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

1. Groundwork RVA Movie Premiere & Donor Drive

Before you head down to whatever you’ve got going on with your Little Friday, have a little pre-party at the Groundwork RVA movie premiere. The incredible nonprofit engages all sorts of urban kids and gets them to make life better for the rest of us via environmental work that will help the Future Generation be better urban stewards of this dang planet. Awha!? How about a big thank you, and a round of applause after you see the five-minute Urban Archeology Corps movie and down a Strangeways beer or two. Proceeds benefit Groundwork RVA!

  • Thursday, September 3rd • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Strangeways Brewing, 2277A Dabney Road
  • RSVP for free but do buy some beers while you’re there!

2. Tattoo Arts and Film Festival

If I worked at the VMFA, I’d kick back in my seat, swing my legs up onto my desk, place my hands behind my head, and say, “Nailed it,” to whomever was sitting on the other side of my desk. Because this series of events looks frigging rad-that is, if you find tattoos, Japan, movies, taiko drums, and stories interesting. (Also, if you do, may we hang?) Four films, including Utamaro and his Five Women (Mizoguchi, 1946) and Eastern Promises (Cronenberg, 2007); the River City Taiko Drummers (taiko drumming is, no joke, one of my favorite things to watch); Secretly Y’all, talks and chats and gallery tours and even more cool things.

  • Friday, September 4th – Saturday, September 5th • see site for schedule
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard
  • Much of it is free, some of the things cost monies (like the films), you can get a festival pass for $25

3. County Fair Day at Pasture

I don’t know why they care so much about us unworthy masses, exactly, but Pasture is committed to providing the public with really fun, non-boring, and delicious things to do. Sometimes for the whole family?? Why are they so great? Their County Fair-themed Saturday will involve cotton candy cocktails, salted caramel apples (those old-fashioned non-salted ones will NO LONGER DO, am I right?), corn dogs, snow cones, and…pork parfaits? I’ll take your word for it, because you never lead me astray, Pasture!

  • Saturday, September 5th • regular biz hours
  • Pasture, 416 E. Grace Street
  • Free to attend!

4. RVA Rock’n Art Fest

The best things are the things you can do that entertain your brain and give back to the community at the same time. Kids need beds. Duh, right? The number of children who don’t have so many of the things we take for granted–it’s staggering. If you’re going to put your dollars towards entertainment this weekend, you might as well put them towards entertainment that gives a damn. The RVA Rock’n Art Fest features Against Grace, Big Mama Shakes, Brighter the Moon, Peter Kelly, Sunbox, T0W3RS, and Tristen. Go get all local-musicked up. This is also an RVA Playlist personal pick!

  • Saturday, September 5th • 4:00 PM
  • The National, 708 E. Broad Street
  • $10

5. History on Tap: The Queen Bee

This series–which explores very old methods for making alcohol–is fascinating. Or should I say, intoxicating. This time, the focus is honey, beekeeping, and the mead it all makes. Honey is one of nature’s most delicious substances, and I dream (often aloud, to the rest of the office) about being a beekeeper. I also dream of sealing their scoffing mouths shut with the honey that my bees will produce. Join Bill Cavender of Black Heath Meadery and drink your way back in time.

  • Tuesday, September 8th • 6:00 – 7:30 PM
  • Virginia Historical Society, Halsey Family Forum, 428 N. Boulevard
  • $20 ($18 for members)
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