Doug Conner, Jr.

District 9 candidate (incumbent)

Overall participation: 43%

Question 1:
List five initiatives that you believe are more important than finding a new baseball team for the City of Richmond.


Question 2:
What are two qualities that people who know you well might say make you suited for the office you seek?


Question 3:
What are your thoughts on the relationship between the current mayor and city council? Outline a model for how you’d like to see the mayor and city council work together in the future.

I think it is regrettable that the relationship between the Mayor and much of City Council has been characterized by bickering, political posturing, and lawsuits. This situation has been unfortunate and does nothing to further the interests of our citizens.

I hope the next city council and the next Mayor operate in a mutually respectful and cooperative manner that put the interests of citizens of Richmond first.

Outline a model for how you’d like to see the mayor and city council work together in the future.

As stated in he previous question, the relationship between the next Mayor and City Council must be based on mutual respect and cooperation. Additionally, continuous communication and openness between these two entities is critical if we expect to get the results citizens throughout our city deserve.

I believe that immediately after the elections, the new Mayor and City Council should meet to, among other issues, establish both formal and informal lines of communication between one another. I also believe we should employ only one set of lobbyists for the city in the General Assembly, as opposed to individual lobbyists for both the Mayor and City Council as has been the case in the past few years, so that our City speaks with a unified voice at the state Capital.

Question 4:
If you support the proposed Downtown Master Plan and if you are elected, what specifically will you do to ensure the plan is implemented? If you oppose the proposed Downtown Master Plan and if you are elected, what steps will you take to correct, change, or modify the plan?

I support the Downtown Master Plan. In addition to voting in favor of this measure, I also intend to lobby to my colleagues to do the same and would encourage citizens who also support the plan to lobby other members of Council to vote for the plan as well.

Question 5:
What do you consider to be Richmond’s greatest asset? What do you consider to be its greatest liability?


Question 6:
If elected, how will you promote the use of public transportation by Richmond residents? What improvements would you make to the current system in order to do so?

We must work in good faith with surrounding jurisdictions to develop a comprehensive regional transportation plan that allows city residents to get to work and conduct their daily business in an affordable and convenient manner. GRTC routes must be carefully monitored to insure that customer services needs are being met. We must also be willing to consider transportation alternatives such as light rail in any transportation plan.

I believe we should also consider offering free GRTC service on those days in which air quality is deemed unhealthy, a program which has proven successful in numerous localities throughout the country.

Question 7:
The city, state, and nation are facing a severe economic crisis, and yet during elections we typically hear candidates promoting projects and ideas that will require additional financial support. What are some initiatives you think Richmond is going to have to put on the back burner as we weather these challenging times? Please explain why.