Ask Richmond Proper: Engagement timing and a cat-fight

Richmond Proper is back, my well-mannered ladies and gentlemen! This week I answer questions about timing The Big Question, and delve into the age old question of “what’s with kitties!?”

Richmond Proper: Propriety of a modern cyclist

Learning to ride a bicycle is one of those childhood rites of passage that almost everyone goes through. Nowadays, with rising gas prices and an ever increasing downtown population, it only makes sense that people look for alternative means of travel. So what are the rules of the game when you take a bike into the streets? In actuality, they are the same as if operating a motor vehicle. Here is a rundown of things cyclists should be aware of.

Ask Richmond Proper: On celebrating Mother’s Day

A reader writes: is it proper for dads to celebrate Mother’s Day for the mothers of their own children? My dad dismisses this and refuses to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day, saying “She’s not my mother.” Which is ridiculous.

Mother’s Day Guide to Etsy

Richmond pride is running high these days, and what better way to show it than to support local artisans? Here’s our third annual (!!!) Mother’s Day gift guide featuring mom-appropriate Richmond area goods.

Richmond Proper: On condolences

Expressing sympathy for those who have just lost a loved one seems to challenge most of us at one time or another. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind the next time you find yourself searching for the right words.

Richmond Proper: LOLcat edition

Because we have a lot to learn about manners from teh kittehs.  And because it seemed like the right time.

Richmond Proper: On trolls

Those folks who only offer rants and vitriol are known as “trolls.” A troll is the person who consistently posts spiteful comments ranging from threats to nonsensical babbling just to fill up space. Just to bother. Just to provoke.

Richmond Proper: On the St. Patrick’s Day pinch

Whether you just like celebrating any holiday that comes down the pike, or you truly want to show some Irish pride, there are plenty of good reasons for wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. However the perceived right to pinch people who are not wearing green has been taken a little too far.

The Smile Peddlers

A few local creatives have started SmileDials, a web-based service that allows you to send audio greetings to friends and family. More than just the latest in a string of tech startups to call Richmond home, SmileDials hints at the growing market for unique online services

Richmond Proper: On courtesy to one’s own family

“A myth exists that one of the pleasures of private life is the ability to drop manners and — as people always put it when they assert the desire to be repulsive — be themselves.”

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