Honestly. How good is “Sonic — America’s Drive In?”

Bev’s Ice Cream hopes to freeze out the competition

By Grant Fanning
WotBN has a cool relationship with Jeff South over at the VCU School of Mass Comm. Every once in a while he will send us a story written by one of his students. Basically it is pretty awesome. Anyway on to this piece by Grant Fanning — Ed
When looking for a cool treat […]

Update from School Board Representative Kim Bridges

Kim Bridges, the School Board Representative for the 1st District, emailed her constituents yesterday with a detailed update.
First, on the city hall fiasco…
I want to dispel the notion that RPS has been doing nothing about–or has fought a relocation from–city hall. . . RPS researched and presented at least four different relocation proposals over the last […]

Mayor announces town hall meetings

The Mayor will host several town hall-style meetings in the coming weeks. The Mayor, along with his Cabinet, will be on hand to answer questions from the community. All meetings will be at 6pm.
Tuesday, October 16th – Main Street Station (1500 E. Main St.)
Tuesday, October 23rd – Southside Community Service Center (4100 Hull St.)
Tuesday, October […]

Sonic or Mario?

Peach Building on Idlewood Ave?

From tipster Andrew:
I live behind the Peach building on Idlewood Ave between Colonial and Sheppard. The place was a dump for a while but now there is major construction going on. I learned from a couple of the workers that it is being converted into a 5 story building on top. From what I under […]

Richmond Vacant Building Workshop – Friday, Oct 19th

From the office of the mayor:
First Annual Richmond Vacant Building Workshop, Friday, Oct. 19, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hickory Hill Community Center, 3000 E. Belt Blvd. A free one-day workshop designed to inform citizens, realtors, property owners, buyers, contractors, neighbors, architects, engineers and developers regarding the requirements of and issues relating to vacant building […]

RTD spams the neighborhood

For the second time in about a month, the Richmond Times-Dispatch sent out an email to its readership with the following headline: “BREAKING NEWS UPDATE – 3 Arrested in JFK Airport Terror Plot.” A bit chilling, huh.
However, three people weren’t arrested in a JFK plot this week (nor earlier this month). That was this past […]

City to reduce water bills

Mayor Wilder is proposing the first water utility bill decrease in some time, reducing the average household charge from $48.66 to $41.00. Still included – a fee to address numerous flooding issues throughout the city.
But is this enough? Water bills in Henrico are $26.50 for a typical household. Why are bills 55% higher in […]

Light at Ellwood & Thompson “fixed”

The city moved traffic censors to allow people in the ET parking lot to actually get out of the lot.
The whole intersection is a dangerous mess if you ask me. The city needs to take the time to redesign the entire thing.

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