PODCAST: Instant Everything—Ep. 4: Moms!

Prabir and Kevin drop some mom-science with the help of their own mothers.

PODCAST: Instant Everything—Ep. 3: Dirty Stuff!

Earth things for Earthlings—composting (courtesy of Bruno Welsh) and more.

LISTEN: Alice Bowman, Space M.O.M.

She’s clever, she’s fun, she’s sent a spacecraft to Pluto.

PODCAST: Instant Everything—March 2016, Running!

Prabir and Kevin talk about running trivia—sweat gland numbers, the marathon’s origin, and other stuff about the oldest sport. Featuring Running Enthusiast Ruth Morrison and Normal Person Daniel Klein.

Finally! Arbor Day Concert at Pumphouse Park

Trees, bands, and pumphouses. It’s finally all happening, and we will not be rained out again! WE WILL NOT!