Colonial Mapmaking at the Wilton House

At the end of a suburban side road lies the Wilton House, a gorgeous colonial home that has recently adopted its first outside exhibit since it became a museum in the 1950s. “Get Found: Mapping Place and Time” is a collaborative exhibit that explores the history of mapmaking.

Civil War & Emancipation Day at Tredegar Ironworks

This Saturday Richmond held a city-wide celebration for Civil War & Emancipation Day. I’m not much of a Civil War buff, but I do like music and guns. So off to Historic Tredegar Ironwork I went!

The James River Film Festival: It Makes You Interesting

Missed the James River Film Festival last week? Here’s a frame by frame recap to gladden your day. But seriously, don’t miss it next year.

Innovative Exhibits at the VHS

An American Turning Point: The Civil War in Virginia is the newest exhibit at the Virginia Historical Society. The exhibit focuses on the wartime experiences of everyday Virginians – women, immigrants, slaves, and even Unionists – immersing you in the feeling of what it was like to live on the home-front, in Virginia.

Earth Month at Baskervill

For fans of local businesses and sustainability, Baskervill is an architectural company here in Richmond that is all about green design, whether their clients request it or not. To raise awareness about their eco-friendly practices Baskervill is hosting a series of Earth Month events every Friday of this month.

Catwalk for Kids benefits the Children’s Hospital

It’s Fashion Week, and of course, the event is all about trendiness and fierceness and modernizing Richmond’s fashion market, but Fashion Week is also about helping the community. Catwalk for Kids is a national charity based around helping local children’s hospitals and they’ve signed on to do a show in Richmond on April 8th.

What is RVA Fashion Week?

RVA Fashion Week (RFW) has been going on right under Richmond’s collective noses the past two years. When the event was in its salad days, it didn’t receive much publicity, but this year, RFW has expanded, attracting more talent, more sponsorship, and more attention in general from the media and local business trying to help RFW (and themselves) get off the ground.

VCU who?

“I’m one of those last minute fans…I didn’t care about VCU basketball until we started winning” – these are comments I heard all over campus. Sure, the Rams have their diehard fans, but the history-making events of late have drawn in people who cared little or nothing about sports before VCU made it to the semi-finals.

Respecting the Playground: Gardening Projects in Richmond Public Schools

Everyone is going green these days and local schools are no exception. Aside from promoting recycling and reusable merchandise in the school shops, parents and administrators are recognizing the importance of getting kids involved with growing things on school grounds.

Reduce, Reuse, Remember: Richmond’s Environmental Film Festival

An estimated 200 people took seats in the Byrd Theatre last Saturday to take part in the third annual Environmental Film Festival (hosted by the Sierra Club). Read on to learn more about the festival’s origins, how it went this time around, and what to expect next year.