Pooh and co. will charm your child and make you laugh

Let Winnie the Pooh and his friends sweetly entertain your little ones, while slyly teaching them lessons of friendship and growing up.

What you can learn from a Comic Con

I went to a thing this weekend, and I thought I’d learn about comic books and superheroes, but instead, I got a really awesome life lesson: It’s pretty hard to be the weirdest one at a Con.

Be a Richmond beer explorer

Page Hayes takes it upon herself to blaze a trail—a sudsy trail with heroic intentions! We present to you, the complete personality guide to Richmond’s many breweries!

Get your culture on: The Arts & Culture Xpo returns!

Think of it like a food festival, but replace “food vendor” with “cultural organization.” You’ll get samples of what RVA has to offer, and you can plan your culturing for the rest of the year accordingly!

A taste of History on Tap: The Compleat Cyder

The Virginia Historical Society partnered with Blue Bee Cider for the latest iteration of History on Tap. Guys, colonial brewing recipes are fascinating!

Wicked with the child

Our 10-year-old is well versed in the Land of Oz, so she donned an appropriate-for-the show witch’s hat, and off we went to see Wicked at the Altria Theater.