Planning for (recovering from) Thanksgiving: food and family

What to do with yourself, your family, and your feelings of sleepiness slash boredom.

Planning for Thanksgiving: food and family (part 3)

Thanksgiving is a great time of feasting and fellowship; one without the other would render the holiday incomplete. This year, we decided to bring you a series that covered the topics of both family and food in the hopes that it may provide you with a little help in making your Thanksgiving special.

Planning for Thanksgiving: food and family (part 2)

It’s time for the next installment of our Thanksgiving series that takes a closer look at how to maximize the enjoyment of family and food for this coming holiday. This week, we take a look at how the kids can help out, and just how long it really takes to properly cook that turkey.

Planning for Thanksgiving: Family and Food

Yep. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, folks. Although it may seem like several weeks away, rest assured that the holiday will rear its head before we know it. To help us get into the spirit of giving thanks and family togetherness, we’re presenting the first of several Thanksgiving articles that will make this year’s holiday better than ever before.

The Marinara’s Restaurant Week recommendations

This past year we have seen a deluge of new restaurants open in the Richmond metro area. As Richmond’s Restaurant Week approaches, and we have to decide where to spend valuable time and resources, the sheer number of options can seem overwhelming. But fear not! Here are five recommendations to get you started.

The Flying Squirrels look to end the season on top

The Squirrels made the last weeks of the regular season both dramatic and exciting, and it’s a trend that they are continuing into the playoffs. After confidently defeating the Harrisburg Senators, the Squirrels now have their sights set on the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Can the Squirrels squirrel away another playoff series victory?

The Flying Squirrels are in the PLAYOFFS!

An AMAZING finale to the Squirrels season has made them bound for the playoffs. Although riding high at the moment, the Squirrels face a very challenging Harrisburg Senators starting tomorrow in Pennsylvania. How soon before we get to see our Squirrels in Richmond?

Flying Squirrels strive for playoffs in last series at the Diamond

Our Squirrels have had key players removed from the lineup for various reasons, but the playoffs are still in sight! The upcoming home series, the last of the season at the Diamond, is absolutely vital if the Squirrels hope to continue playing beyond the regular season.

Squirrels need to make it count

The Squirrels made their playoff case by going 4-2 last week against two solid ball clubs; however, with last night’s loss, Richmond fell back to two games behind Bowie for the wild card.

Q&A with Flying Squirrels broadcaster Anthony Oppermann

Anthony Oppermann is one half of the broadcasting team of the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Oppermann handles pre- and post- game duties as well as in-game broadcast for home contests. He can also be heard on SportsRadio 910 talking Squirrels baseball with Wes McIlroy.