Family Finances: Side hustles

Amanda Gibson doesn’t just write columns so that she can inform all of us about fascinating money things. She also gets paid—it’s one of her side hustles. What can you do to hustle?

Family Finances: Where do you spend and save?

Amanda Gibson isn’t ALWAYS saving her money. She allows herself to spend too…but there’s a balance!

Family Finances: How much do you value an hour?

You’ve got an hourly rate, whether you know it or not. And it can help you decide many, many things.

Family Finances: Now is the best time for college savings

If you don’t have a Virginia 529 already, you could start one (or someone else in you family could) and possibly win $10,000. Amanda Gibson outlines her family’s saving plan for contributing to the college education of her children.

Family Finances: Why we stopped saving for retirement

Amanda Gibson and her husband don’t put cash in their IRAs anymore and they may not for a good while. And here are the solid reasons why.

Family Finances: The Millionaire Game

A fun game to play with your partner, the Millionaire Game will help you focus your life goals, financial and otherwise.

Family Finances: Opportunity cost (dun dun dun)

You remember opportunity cost from economics class. It’s the idea that the cost of your decision is the thing you didn’t choose. We know your kids’ value can’t be measure in dollars, but here’s an interesting way to look at their impact on your finances.

The cost of having kids

According to the USDA, parents will spend $245,340 to raise a child. Amanda Gibson looks at her own family projections to see if those dollars stack up similarly.

A 2014 spending pie

Did you keep your fork? Because there’s more pie!

Budgets: The WORST…?

I hate budgeting. And I’m bad at it. But I do it anyway.

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