Family Finances: Our frugal summer

What Amanda Gibson and her family of five does to save money during the summer—a season we hear might be coming our way.

How to create a wedding budget and stick to it

Amanda Gibson is here to calm your bridal and/or groomal (?) nerves. You can do this, and you only need a pen.

Family Finances: Making the most of Tax Day

Here’s how Amanda Gibson and her family save so much on taxes. It is nothing short of inspiring.

Family Finances: An ode to my investment company

Amanda Gibson’s investment company is changing her life, because it’s the one that most closely aligns with what her own financial philosophy. Bonus: She’ll tell you that philosophy!

Family Finances: Is debt a good thing or a bad thing?

Sometimes debt makes Amanda Gibson feel like a tool, and sometimes she makes it feel like a tool.

Family Finances: Frugal faves

Amanda breaks it down with money-saving tips you can use right………NOW!

How to deal with financial advice

People love to talk about money but should you listen?

Family Finances: How we communicate about money

When you’re about to commit to someone for your entire life, it’s beyond wise–nay, should be mandatory—to have some big (and small!) financial discussions.

Family Finances: FAQs

Amanda covers some basics about how to spend in a way that makes you happiest, what’s a Roth IRA, and why she cares so much about all this stuff.

Family Finances: Traveling with multiple kids and a light wallet

Got small kids and think travel is out of your reach? There are ways, friend. There are ways.