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vcu vs gw (19)

VCU: The long game

Well, the Rams’ slippage in defense has finally caught up to them with a loss last Saturday to George Washington. What’s the plan moving forward?

vcu vs gw (45)

PHOTOS: VCU vs. George Washington (69–72)

Huge bummer of a loss this weekend as VCU’s winning streak came to an end.

JeQuan Lewis

VCU: Halfway to Brooklyn

No one wants to jinx anything over here, but…WE ARE DOING PRETTY DANG WELL IN THIS CONFERENCE.

JeQuan Lewis

JeQuan Lewis: Playing his tempo

Spoiler: his tempo is best described as “frigging fast.”


PHOTOS: VCU defeats St. Bonaventure 84–76

A once-in-a-blue-moon rescheduled game resulted in a whole lot of smiles and…diamond rings?

Havoc lives here

The golden age of VCU and UR basketball

The “cross-town rivalry” didn’t get any less tense at the Robins Center this weekend, and Aaron Williams can’t wait for the plot to continue to thicken.


PHOTOS: VCU vs. Fordham

Photos from VCU’s dismantling of Fordham!


What to expect: Not your older sibling’s Spiders vs. Rams

Things have changed for both teams. And when they come together this Saturday, we’ll see a whole new battle.


Five stats from VCU’s dismantling of Fordham

Numbers 1-5 will explode your brain into tiny, quivering pieces!


Threat Level HAVOC!: The conference play ahead of us

What you’re likely to see as the Rams move through their conference schedule, and a nice breakdown of all their evil opponents.