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Raising Richmond: Dinosaurs and drive time

When I heard that the National Museum of Natural History is closing the fossil hall for renovations for five years starting April 27th, I knew we had to take our daughter for a visit.


Raising Richmond: Hanging on while dining out

Even though my child’s behavior has changed through the years, one constant with me is a fear that people are expecting us to ruin their dining experience when they see a child in tow. I need to let go of this fear.


Raising Richmond: For the Byrds

A sweet (and funny) tribute to the Byrd Theatre from an almost-30-year customer.


Raising Richmond: Learn now, splash later

It might not be pool weather quite yet, but it’s never too early to get your kids ready for the water. Check out this handy-dandy list of places in and around Richmond offering swimming lessons indoors…you know, where it isn’t freezing and or sleeting/snowing/raining ice.


Raising Richmond: Away I went

“I think I’m staying in the cabin from The Evil Dead,” I texted my husband. “Just don’t open any books you didn’t bring,” was his good advice.


Raising Richmond: Old man Shooter

We have this old, smelly, grumpy dog named Shooter who drives me crazy. But I dread the day when we’ll have to say goodbye to him.


Raising Richmond: Accidentally raising a girl

Is our uneasiness over the “pinkification” of toys sending a message to our daughters that their potentially legitimate preferences are wrong?


Raising Richmond: So misunderstood

What our daughter thinks we keep in the attic (and other glimpses into her adorable, three-year-old brain).


Raising Richmond: Better parenting through podcasts

Get with the times, ‘rents! Parenting books are O-U-T, out! Podcasts are where it’s at.


Raising Richmond: Thanks for the pizza, mom

After having a child of my own, I finally get why my mom keeps giving me Valentine’s Day gifts.