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The Cobbler’s Child: A photoessay of failure

As a librarian, it’s Hayley DeRoche’s job to be up on diversity in books. Then she realized her daughter’s books were a blinding lily-white. Whoops!


LEGO your conscious mind: Zoning out with kids

Sam Davies and his daughter get lost in the mindless, repetitive world of LEGO, and it feels pretty awesome.


Swearing off screen time: The worst diet ever

Yeah, yeah. If kids watch anything on a screen, their brains will melt or whatever. But Hayley DeRoche REALLY does not want to read that same book aloud for the 39th time today.


Feral Man-Child: One day without my family

It didn’t go super well.


A marshmallow year: Looking back and letting go

The baby is gone. Long live the toddler.


2015 Parenting in Review

Sam Davies looks back on how he’s grown right alongside his daughters this year—and looks forward to trying harder on certain aspects in 2016.


Hygge at home

Let’s say it gets cold outside at some point. You’re going to want to know about the benefits of hygge.


Daddy, what’s an “F-bomb?”

Sam Davies deliberately told his young daughters about the f-word. Like, he said it with his mouth. To them. To children. On purpose. He thinks he might have effed up.

Sock puppet

An anxious parent’s calming list

Some of the very worst things that can happen and why we should worry just a little bit less.

Christmas socks fireplace

Our low-stress, high-comfort holiday season

Sam Davies wonders what the fuss is about. Make your own traditions! Do what you want! #waronstress