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Raising Richmond: The Good-Enough List

There’s a lot of “Best of Richmond” lists out there, and reading them makes some young, busy parents like Kelly feel a little shut off from the city she loves, so she decided to make her own list.


Raising Richmond: Your child this week

When your child grows older, you lose sight of small yet significant milestones. As infants they do something new every week, but a preschooler has a first day of school, loses some teeth, and then eventually is 15 and asking to drive. Here are some recent developments that I eventually noticed.


Raising Richmond: Winter is leaving

All things must pass. I’m looking at you, winter. Until all your frost and potential for freezing pipes are gone, I’m taking comfort in some warm(er) days and anticipating the good things that will eventually come with them.


Raising Richmond: Neighborhood wishlist

Our house feels smaller every day. While we try to make the space work for us, it’s hard not to think about our next home and a non-existent perfect neighborhood.


Raising Richmond: Home alone

When is it time to let your child stay home or walk around the neighborhood unsupervised?


Raising Richmond: Lawfully latched

Like most people who learned about the legislation that makes breastfeeding in public legal as long as the mother is lawfully allowed on the premises, my first reactions were “It wasn’t legal?” and “Someone bothered to make laws about nursing to begin with?” 


Raising Richmond: Let’s talk about death

“That was a kind thing,” my daughter told me when recounting something nice she did at school. “Jesus would be so happy, but he’s dead.”

Welcome to her world. It’s all about the death.


Raising Richmond: The oldest kid in class

Our daughter misses the cutoff for kindergarten in Richmond Public Schools by almost a month. We think she could be ready for kindergarten in the fall anyway, and I finally found out what our options are.


Raising Richmond: Two hours

A hectic evening schedule gives us about two hours from coming home to bedtime. Here’s how we cram dinner, downtime, and other things into a short block of time.


Raising Richmond: So long, Milhouse

Last week we had the first pet death in our family. As much as I complain about all my pets, it doesn’t mean that losing one was easy.