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Yes, please, but…: Having all the things, but not all of each thing

Hayley DeRoche struggles with work ambition, a drive to DO, and a simultaneous desire to do more in other, more familial areas.

Unemployed dad and the kids who love him

Well, Sam Davies lost his job. And his kids kind of don’t really care! Turns out kids are barely aware of that part of your life!

Toddler trippin’: The four stages of dreaming big with toddler vacations

A cross-country trip with a toddler…how hard could it be?

Being a public dad

The inner struggles of someone who writes about his kids for all to read.

The kids at the park are alright

Just take a seat on the bench, take a deep breath, and peacefully observe. It’ll be fine.

How chill is too chill and am I that chill?

Type B parenting is still OK, right?

The thick-skinned parent: Choosing your way and shrugging off haters

So you don’t subscribe to an Official Parenting Philosophy, so what?

Too much togetherness: Thoughts on treating cabin fever

Why is being trapped indoors with your family so dang hard? You love them, yes?

The Cobbler’s Child: A photoessay of failure

As a librarian, it’s Hayley DeRoche’s job to be up on diversity in books. Then she realized her daughter’s books were a blinding lily-white. Whoops!

LEGO your conscious mind: Zoning out with kids

Sam Davies and his daughter get lost in the mindless, repetitive world of LEGO, and it feels pretty awesome.

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