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Armenian Food Festival

56th annual Armenian Food Festival kicks off today

Festival runs Thursday through Sunday at St. James Armenian Church on Pepper Avenue.


Day #059: The competition between recycling and refuse

City refuse collection is excellent. In fact, it’s so good that it’s limiting recycling buy-in.


5 Things

FALL!! Now that “Ugh, summer’s ending,” thoughts have slumped their way out the door, “Hooray, there’s so much to do in the fall!” thoughts are moonwalking right in! This week: international food, nail-biting tension, running, farming, and beer, always with the beer!


Good Morning, RVA: Don’t let the clouds get you down!

Don’t you do it.

Picture of the Day: Under new management


Foo Fighters Get Their Own Official Day in Richmond, Virginia →

CAO Byron Marshall resigns, Council asked to sign confidentiality agreement

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Operations Christopher Beschler will function as the interim CAO.


Day #058: Tax land, not property

Why tax productive behavior when taxing humanity’s land has so many benefits?


5 Things for Families

ELSA IS COMMMMIIIIIIIIIING! Oh and some other stuff is happening, too, I hear.


Good Morning, RVA: Don’t waste today

What will you do with today’s beautiful weather?

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