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Picture of the Day: Pastel skies

RVANews picture of the day.

Veterans Cab

Veterans of RVA roads revving to take on Uber

Veterans Cab has driven Richmonders since 1947. Can Uber drive them to the brink?


River City Reading: September

September brings a pile of new books from masters of fiction and gatherers of data.


Four terribly useless graphs about the LEGO KidsFest

LEGO are a big deal in my house, so the LEGO KidsFest is an even bigger deal. To celebrate: four mostly useless graphs!


Day #066: An anti-idling policy

Burning a gallon of gas creates 19.64 pounds of carbon dioxide. It’s time for wasteful consumption to be on par with littering.


For the common good of RVA

The aim of Common Good RVA is to promote the well-being of Richmond as a city; well-being that derives from Richmond being magnificently itself.


Good Morning, RVA: Every other day of the week is fine

But whenever Monday comes, you can find me crying all of the time.

Richmond Folk Festival 2014

2014 Richmond Folk Festival FAQ

What you should know before heading out to the festival’s 10th anniversary.


To have and to hold at 8:00 PM (7:00 PM central)

One of the warmest memories of my life so far is that of the look on my husband’s face as we said our wedding vows. Since then, I’ve only seen the look on his face three other times: when each of our sons were born…and when I signed us up for Netflix.

Picture of the Day: Shadow skies


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