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Courtroom becomes classroom for communication arts student →


Inaugural Art Deco Weekend to bring the Roaring ’20s back to RVA

Art Deco Society of Virginia to bring back a bygone era with walking tours, live jazz, a picnic, and more.


Day #045: It’s time to get serious about cigarette butts.

Why do people who wouldn’t dare throw a banana peel on the ground do so with cigarette butts?


Futile anger at Internet misogyny

Anita Sarkeesian released her latest episode of Feminist Frequency, part of her “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” project this week…you will be shocked at how women are treated in this medium.


Photo of the day: A light in the clouds

RVANews picture of the day.


Good Morning, RVA: Long weekend!

How will you spend your extra time off?

Wine corks

5 Things for Labor Day

Lets carpe friggin’ diem on Labor Day with these bizarre, delicious, and pooch-friendly events.


River City Reading: August

Even if you’re loaded down with textbooks and backpacks, these books will make you pause to read for pleasure.


Aretha Franklin concert cancelled

Those who’ve bought tickets for the November 17th performance will get full refunds.

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