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Day #021: RVA Survival Station and an RVA Coin

Richmond has no shortage of panhandlers and no shortage of people who want to help, but simply giving money to every person who asks on the street is unreasonable and, in many ways, inefficient.

Photo of the day: Keeping watch on the city

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Good Morning, RVA: Welcome to the new week!

This week’s off to a great start with some great weather.


Virginia aquaculture benefits the Bay and beyond

Family-owned oyster farms along the Chesapeake Bay are creating jobs and cleaning the Bay–one delicious mollusk at a time.


Kickers Prediction Game of Awesome Round 11

Prior to every home game a panel of so called experts will predict the outcome of the Richmond Kickers game. Each expert receives 1 point for each correct prediction. At the end of the season the winner gets a trophy and pack of gum.


Day #020: Build a stronger culture of inclusivity for individuals with disabilities

Where can someone in a wheelchair get coffee or a beer at a bar without the fear of getting elbowed in the head?


Leggo my LEGOland

Leave LEGO-loving, YA-reading adults alone!

Olive Oil Taproom bottles

Olive Oil Taproom taps into growing niche market

Think you know good olive oil? Think again.

Photo of the day: River fun


Good Morning, RVA: Beautiful weather today

…almost too beautiful.

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