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VCU to retire Bradford Burgess’s jersey

When Burgess returns to the Siegel Center to have his legacy solidified in the rafters of the house that he decorated, he will be remembered as a foundation, a pioneer, and “Big Shot Brad.”

Craigslist Scam Suspect

Police investigating bizarre Craigslist scam involving fake leases

Be careful who you trust when dealing with real estate listings on Craigslist.


Food News: Black Hops bines, Travis Milton accolades, and a Rappahannock live stream!

The usual: a bunch of big-time national outlets going nuts over Richmond chefs, Elbys preparation frenzy, and hops! Ramen! #hopsandramen!


5 Things

Inspired by the MLK day that just was, we are no longer settling for not being involved. There are plenty of events that need help just like there are plenty of events that need you, specifically, to start a rewarding career of philanthropy.


What to expect: VCU visits unrecognizable Billikens

#16 Virginia Commonwealth University visits the unrecognizable Saint Louis Billikens on Friday. 


Panel OKs law to protect bicyclists from tailgaters

The House Transportation Committee approved a bill Tuesday to make it illegal for the operator of a motor vehicle to follow a bicycle or moped too closely.


Good Morning, RVA: Gonna soak up the sun

Survive this morning’s freezing fog and you’ll be rewarded with some afternoon sunshine.


Picture of the Day: History walk

RVANews picture of the day.


Style Weekly dines at Bella’s Restaurant

Reviewer Rachel Machacek says the restaurant feels homey and serves up good Italian fare, but falls flat with some dishes.

gay flag

Improve hate crime reporting, LGBT supporters say

With support from 10 state legislators, LGBT advocacy group Equality Virginia, urged the General Assembly on Tuesday to pass laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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