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So you want to get into dance this month?

Well, now’s the best time. Two big deal events are happening, and you, you lucky dog, are in the prime position to see one or both of them. Don’t think you’re into dance? Wishing you had a cathartic outlet for the beasts inside of you? Turns out, this is the best possible thing for you. Not kidding.

James Taylor

James Taylor playing Richmond Coliseum in November

Tickets go on sale Friday.

State Fair

September festivals

September brings summer to an end, but not before some awesome festivals get their due.


Breakfast Cabaret and other weekend music at Crossroads

A ton of music for you listening pleasure, get out there and enjoy.


Tonight’s Manchester Block Party cancelled, plan is to reschedule

Celebrate all that is Manchester at a date to be determined.


The Richmond Folk Festival needs you

Don’t stand on the sidelines get in the game or in this case the festival.


VCU picks curator for Institute for Contemporary Art

An exhibit opens later this week that shows how VCU’s forthcoming Institute for Contemporary Art building evolved.


September’s RVA music shows

Fall Line Fest brings 50+ bands to the city, Ann Beretta reunites, Steady Sounds celebrates its birthday, and more big name acts come to play this month.

Muraling at Quirk

New favorite word, “muraling”.


Local online all-stars take a timeout

The super-popular local bloggers over at Young House Love have put things on temporary hiatus.