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10 x 10 Week 5: The Houff Foundation’s re:Interns

The Houff Foundation takes over for 1708’s interns this week, hosting a panel that debates the good and bad for working for little to no financial compensation. Also featured: many years of the Monster Drawing Rally’s best pieces.


Caterpillar mural in the Fan

It also might be a six armed triclops in a caterpillar costume?


Love bomb on Roseneath Road in Scott’s Addition

The Knitorious M.E.G. is at it again, this time dropping a love bomb on Scott’s Addition.

Byrd Theatre projector

Byrd Theatre Foundation announces plans to purchase new 4K digital projector

The new state-of-the-art projection system will rival those of Richmond’s largest multiplexes.


Get your culture on: The Arts & Culture Xpo returns!

Think of it like a food festival, but replace “food vendor” with “cultural organization.” You’ll get samples of what RVA has to offer, and you can plan your culturing for the rest of the year accordingly!


Virginia Holocaust Museum continues to show just how far hate and violence can go

Both the Auschwitz/Oswiecim exhibit and director Waitman Beorn are new to the Virginia Holocaust Museum this year, and both will help strengthen the museum’s mission.

West End Comedy Bingo Shows

West End Comedy hosts two improv shows this weekend

The Friday evening show is family friendly; Saturday’s is geared towards mature audiences only.


The Arts District levels up in time for the race

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is preparing for the Big Bike Race™—an altered schedule, a party vibe, and a new website that’ll help both locals and tourists navigate their way around.


Science Pub RVA heads west tonight for discussion on wildlife and cocktail science

The fun kicks off at 6:30 PM at The Tin Pan near Regency Square Mall.


10 x 10 Week 4: Storefront and their Neighbors

Storefront weaves Week 4 of 10 x 10 into its National Association on Community Design Conference, which its proud to host for the very first time.