Favorites: Alamo BBQ’s brisket sandwich


Barbecue in Virginia typically means pulled pork with a tomato-based sauce, but I’ve always been more of a brisket man. Richmond has a number of decent BBQ joints smoking brisket, but none do it better than Alamo BBQ. Their sandwich ($6.25) is piled with slices of just the right thickness, and the meat is so gloriously smokey and flavorful that I’m usually still tasting it after the food is gone. They finish it off with some onions, jalapeños, and their tangy sauce on a toasted bun.

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Alamo BBQ

  • 2202 Jefferson Avenue
  • Monday – Sunday, 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • alamobbqva.com

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Daniel Warshaw

Daniel Warshaw would rather be taking pictures.

1 comment on Favorites: Alamo BBQ’s brisket sandwich

  1. jason fiske on said:

    Introduced to Alamo’s food 2 years ago. This sandwhich is a bite of excitement.

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