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Favorites: The Rogue Gentlemen’s roasted bone marrow

A quick note: after this, the 77th entry of Favorites, I’m taking a break for a few months because life is sometimes a little busier than expected. I love putting together this column and hope to return before the end of the year. Bone marrow may be the peak example of turning byproducts into culinary […]

Favorites: Addis Ethiopian’s misir wot

This masterpiece of a spicy red lentil stew showcases the traditional Berbere spice mixture.

Favorites: Saison Market’s nitro cold brew coffee

You say “nitro cold brew,” I say “virgin Guinness.”

Favorites: Gelati Celesti’s ice cream

High temperatures and humidity call for dessert therapy, and the ice cream from Gelati Celesti is just the cure.

Favorites: Billy Bread

Bread is the West’s most basic food, but basic rarely means easy or delicious.

Favorites: Tazza Kitchen’s brick oven broccoli

Broccoli is a classic example of a vegetable reviled by kids only to find its way into the hearts and gullets of grown-ups. My favorite helping of those happy little trees is the brick oven broccoli ($5.50) at Tazza Kitchen. Light charring from the oven brings out the earthy and nutty flavors of the vegetable, […]

Favorites: River City Diner’s buttermilk pancakes

Diner food done right is a thing of delicious, simple beauty.

Favorites: Shyndigz’s crack pie

One little taste and I was hooked on crack pie ($7.99). Shyndigz makes a version of the addictive wonder pie from Momofuku Milk Bar, and they do it more than justice. The sweet and fudge-like filling soaks into the oatmeal cookie crust while baking, forming a sort of candy made of oats and future sugar […]

Favorites: Ándale’s grilled tilapia taco

Ándale Taco Chop Shop is a simple collection of Text-Mex staples.

Favorites: Proper Pie Co.’s custard slice

If you venture up to Church Hill on a Saturday or Sunday you can find something rather wonderful at Proper Pie Co. that isn’t pie at all: the custard slice ($3.50). This rectangle of confectionary bliss alternates layers of flakey, crisp puff pastry with creamy vanilla custard. A layer of vanilla frosting, beautifully shot through […]