Civil War: Battle of Hatcher’s Run

Things aren’t looking great for…well, anyone, really, but especially the Confederates.

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Civil War: One Last Chance for Peace

A Union rock meets a Confederate hard place (or was it vice versa?) as everyone agrees that peace would be great, but no one can figure out how to do it.

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Civil War: The winter of desertion

They were committed to their Cause. They were angry at the other half of their nation. They were willing to fight to the death! Until a winter of not being paid, clothed, fed, or sheltered made them all peace out. And with dang good reason.

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Civil War: A New Year’s Day “feast”

It sucks to be away from family and friends during the holidays. Whether it’s due to travel complications, your work schedule, or it’s 1865 and you’re stuck in a cold, miserable, muddy trench outside Petersburg surrounded by your fellow dirty soldiers.

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