RVAJazzfest 2010 in photos

This weekend’s buzz phrase was “despite the weather.” When referring to the enthusiastic audience that trekked through snow and ice to be there or to the flight bringing our featured artist that was canceled mere hours before the event, the phrase applies. But to the music, it does not.

I say this because the music at RVAJazzfest on Saturday was, quite simply, amazing, and those who came to listen were rewarded. It really didn’t matter what was going on outside or what the day had been like in snowy Richmond; Trio of Justice, Jones+Kuhl, and Ombak put on one hell of a show.

Trio of Justice


Reggie Pace, Devonne Harris, and Reggie Chapman

Pace and Harris



J.C. Kuhl and Brian Jones



Cameron Ralston, Brian Jones, Bryan Hooten, and Trey Pollard


Reggie Pace and J.C. Kuhl join Ombak for a Tuvan folk song





Cameron Ralston, J.C. Kuhl, Dean Christesen, and Trey Pollard

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Dean Christesen

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