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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. Awww my favorite toilet in town!

  2. fyi this is in the girls bathroom. which means the girls toilet is your favorite in town. LOL.

  3. YEAH DUH. I mean where do you get chicks? jkjkjk.

    But seriously, I was like a) when is there ever toilet paper in there and b) when did the top of the tank turn mauve?

  4. Have guys ever seen the Women’s bathroom at Cous Cous? It is like another Realm. I kind of hope they never fix the Men’s bathroom.

  5. yeah dude. thats where i met my wife. in that bathroom one night. it was awkward but sexy as hell.

  6. kendra on said:

    You know the pink top makes it easier to see when your doing lines.

    And you thought I got all this energy from a healthy vegetarian lifestyle!

  7. Once I was shown the men’s bathroom at Helen’s and I got freaked out and bolted.

  8. Nothing beats the bathroom at Rumors. It looks a bit like a refugee camp.

  9. You judge a restaurant by the state of it’s Johns….

  10. Maybe best/worst bathrooms should be on the second annual best/worst recount. WHICH IS TOTALLY IMMINENT!

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