Richmond Blog Awards: 2007

Best community blog Church Hill People’s News Best political blog Save Richmond Best business blog The Yarn Lounge Best food blog Brandon Eats Best diarist Made in Richmond Best topical blog Journey to Ironman Most addicting blog Awkward Things I Say To Girls Funniest blog Awkward Things I Say To Girls Best writing skills from […]

Best community blog

Best political blog

Best business blog

Best food blog

Best diarist

Best topical blog

Most addicting blog

Funniest blog

Best writing skills from a blogger

Best designed blog

Best kept secret

Best new blog in 2k7

Post of the year

Blog of the year

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  4. Want to thank RVANews for hosting this contest and supporting the blogging community. And I greatly appreciate anyone who comes to read my ramblings and who voted for my blog!

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  7. Ok, I’m a little confused. Leahsdream was nominated for best kept secret. When I read the results WRVA wins second in this particular category so who WON. On this list you have WRVA as the winner, and they weren’t even nominated or on the voting list and you say they came in second for Best Kept Secret. Can you please clarify this for me.

  8. I think you may have the results from the wrong year. Try checking this post instead:

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