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The Age of Miracles: A different take on dystopia

“We didn’t notice it right away. We couldn’t feel it. We did not sense at first the extra time, bulging from the smooth edge of each day like a tumor blooming beneath the skin.”

Jane Jones: Not really a bad vampire at all

Jane’s life as a vampire sucks. She isn’t beautiful. She doesn’t sparkle. She isn’t rich. Worst of all? She suffers from an incredibly inconvenient condition: blood intolerance. Read on for my thoughts on Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever., a fun (and funny!) young adult novel from Caissie St. Onge.

Jaime Reed: Richmond’s up-and-coming young adult author

RVA has its very own up-and-coming YA author in our midst. Jaime Reed is the author of the new Cambion Chronicle series. I got in touch with Jaime Reed and asked her to open up about herself, YA literature, and cats that may or may not be plotting our demise.